Moving Explorers

So when an explorer is hiding in the wilderness can they move or must they stand still?

Think this will be very important soon. Any help would be appreciated.

Thematically, it appears to be camouflage-based, which would definitely require stillness. A thief’s equivalent ability - hide in shadows - also requires stillness.

Difficult to Spot is a custom power. It grants a 12th-level thief’s hide in shadows ability in the wilderness; and a 6th-level thief’s hide in shadows in the dungeon. That seems to be reasonably balanced if it has the same requirements.

I’m not convinced hide in shadows requires being still based on the section on stealth. In that chapter, you use hide in shadows to “downgrade” guards from “passively watching” to “distracted” and then use move silently to try and negate them an opportunity to use their hear noise ability.

Actually, I misread the Hide in Shadows skill (p. 24). Each move requires a new proficiency throw; holding still is a prerequisite to retaining the original proficiency throw indefinitely, which is a different thing altogether.

So . . . movement would appear to be a valid option, both on the description of the thief’s ability and the sneaking rules on p. 98–99.