Multiple Ranks of Seduction? (and Diplomacy and Intimidate)

Duskreign’s Minion here.
In the description of pleasure slaves:
“Pleasure slaves usually have 1 or more ranks in Seduction, Performance (dance), or Labor (massage).”
Does this then mean you can have 2 ranks in Seduction? I was under the assumption that you could not, but the above is confusing the issue for me.

They should probably have Art(fucking).

Maybe the intent is that they might have 1 rank in Seduction, and possibly 1 rank in Performance and/or Labor as well?

Duskreign’s Minion here.
blizack - Yes, I think you are right.
wilmer - errr…I think that would be covered with a reaction roll (in the hay).

There is a total need for a Courtesan template (riffing off the Bard class) to utilise in games incorporating courtly intrigue, Messalina-style ‘competitions’ and shadowy assignations (Even ‘House of Flying Daggers’ Geisha assassin types).
I think I just levelled up (blushes)

  1. What Blizack said is correct
  2. I love the “Courtesan” class. In my Oriental ACKS campaign right now, one of the players is running a Geisha/Ninja. Awesome.
  3. Wilmer, sex is a performance art, so the appropriate proficiency is actually Performance (erotic). I prefer “erotic” because ACKS is a classy game.