My players did a great job mapping

My group has spent the past couple of weeks exploring an outer island during their Great Island Adventure. This smaller island had an ancient crypt hidden on it. Well, the group’s necromancer decided to map it out so if they needed to flee (and they did twice) they would know where to start back up and remember where all the tunnels were). They did a great job on it and the only spot they couldn’t explore was an area occupied by two ice mephits that liked everyone in the party but the dwarf. So they decided to not go through that small area.

They had several times where the party was badly wounded by small ceramic mages and faced down a small grouping of iron guardians. Once they fled and when they returned they discovered that someone else had explored a portion of it in their abscence. Another time they fled with a small found bit of treasure and the elemental guardians they had managed to hold at bay followed them back to their ship. Three crewmen died in that encounter.

Below is my original unnumbered map along with a scan of the hand drawn player’s map. He did well.


Our Group’s Blog:

Nice. And “stoned” people? :smiley:

I drew that. The “stoned people” note was a joke. We found what we presumed were petrified bodies and parts in there and chose not to investigate further. I’m not the party leader, but I often steer our way around since I’m the mapper, and that room had CSI: Dungeon written all over it, as well as being an apparent death trap without a clue of an obvious reward. We stood in the doorway and refused to enter.

There was a long unproductive discussion on how to drain a pool of water we encountered on our last foray into the dungeon. That was my fault.