My posts never appear

I posted a thread called “My players are building a bank”. But it never appeared here. Anyone know why?

I’m assuming it needed approval, but didn’t get it?

I don’t know exactly what the bug is, but this does happen sometimes.

The thread is accessible (I saw it on the sidebar and read it that way), but doesn’t belong to any specific forum, so you can’t see it on the list that way.

I never saw it in the sidebar, and can't find it with search or by finding EBP's posts.  :/  Sounds interesting, maybe try posting it one more time?

I'd seen it too. I'm not quite sure where it went - I will look into it. It's still available via Google's cache, if you'd like to try and repost.

I do hope whatever bug hidea that thread gets fixed. It was in interesting topic.

How do I access the Google cache to copy the text of my post for reposting? Sorry, I’m on a smart phone.