Mystic diciplines

I have created some different combat diciplines to use with the Mystic class from the Players Companion rule book. It is to create some flavor and to give some diversity. Any thoughts?

Original rule text: All mystics are able to enter a state of meditative focus in which their body and mind act with hyperawareness.

New rule text, replacing the original:

The Mystic choose one of the following disciplines. By selecting a discipline you learn all the related stances and powers. The stance of the discipline may be used once per day per level of experience. The stance lasts for the duration of the combat, maximum 1 turn (10 minutes), and it does not require an action to enter the stance. A Mystic may only benefit and use one stance at the time.

Meditative discipline: You may enter the meditative focus stance. While in this stance, the mystic gains a +1 bonus to armor class, attack throws, proficiency throws, saving throws, and initiative rolls (this is the original mystic benefit).

Chi discipline: The mystics use chi to enhance himself:

Chi-Stance: The mystic gains a +1 bonus to armor class, saving throws, and initiative rolls.

Chi-Wave attack: Slam your palm on the ground emitting all the force of an eruptive earthquake and realize a massive amount of spiritual energy through the earth. Opponents within 5 feet, must make a save against paralysis or be knocked down and take 1d4+wisdom modifier in damage. Doing so, ends your stance.

Animal discipline: The study of animals gives insight. Your unarmed brawling attacks, does a minimum of 1d4 in damage, and you are not disadvantaged in relation to armed opponents. In addition, you may with no penalties, choose to deal non-lethal damage with your unarmed attacks.

Tiger Stance: You unarmed fist deals 1d6 lethal damage.

Crane Stance: You may retreat or make fighting withdrawals from combat, without declaring before initiative is rolled. You unarmed attack uses dexterity on hit and damage, instead of strength.

Monkey Stance: You gain +1 to initiative. When charging unarmed, you suffer no penalties on you AC. You make unarmed wrestle attacks with a +2 bonus to hit.

Mantis Stance: You gain +1 to all saving throws and to AC, and when making attacks against prone targets, your unarmed attacks deals 1d8 in damage.

Elemental discipline: The mystics use elemental teachings:

Wind Stance: You gain +1 to AC and you may make long and high jumps up to ½ your normal combat movement rate.

Whirlwind attack: Opponents within 10 feet, must make a save against paralysis or be knocked down. Doing so, ends your wind stance.

Fire Stance: You gain +1 initiative and all damage from fire attacks are reduced by 1 hit point per damage dice. This damage reduction is absorbed by.

Fire burst attack: If you during this combat engagement, has suffered reduced damage fire attacks, you may as a part of a successful attack, choose to release the fire damage absorbed on to your opponent in addition to normal damage. This ends the fire stance when all fire damage absorbed is released.

Water Stance: You gain +1 on all saving throws and you take no penalties for being cramped or prone. Standing up from prone has no movement cost.

Move like water: You may retreat and make fighting withdrawal, without declaring- not requiring the movement to be in a straight line - and while doing so even move through enemy or friendly occupied squares. Doing so ends the water stance.

Earth Stance: You cannot jump. You gain +2 to hit on force back attacks and you are treated as one size larger than your actual size, when determining saving throw modifier on the force back attack.

Force of earth: Is triggered as a part of a force back attack. You are treated as three sizes larger than your actual size, when determining saving throw modifiers on a force back attack. Doing so ends the earth stance.

Drunken discipline: Alcohol becomes a necessity. All attacks in the discipline involves holding a clay jar containing alcohol. Your movement is reduced by 10 feet, but you may take a 1 cl mouthful as a part of your movement. As long as you do so, you gain +2 to AC. In addition the clay jar may be used as a weapon, dealing 1d4 lethal damage, using your wisdom modifier on hit and damage, instead of the strength modifier. On the other hand, if no alcohol is available, you suffer a -1 penalty to AC, all saving throws and to attack throws.

Gobble Stance: If you spend an action and gobble down the entire content of the clay jar, the stance start on the end of your turn. The stance lasts 2d4 rounds and gives you +5 to AC instead of +2 and you may retreat and make fighting withdrawal, without declaring.

Weapon discipline: This discipline focus on the use of melee weapons and has no stance. You must select one of the ways, but the benefit is active as long as the weapon is equipped.

Way of the Staff: Uses polearm, spear or staffs. While using such weapons, the mystic gain +2 AC and gain +2 to hit when executing knock down attacks.

Way of the Sword: Uses dagger, sword or short sword. While using such weapons, the mystic may use his dexterity modifier on attack and damage throws, instead of the strength modifier and gain +1 on initiative.

Way of the Chain: Uses flail, whip, an ordinary chain and special weapons as the meteor-hammer, three-piece-rod and nunchaku. While using such weapons, the mystic may use his wisdom modifier on attack and damage throws, instead of the strength modifier and gain +1 on attack throws.

Chi-Shout: The mystic may once per day per level of experience, call out and benefit from chi energies. He rolls two attack throw dices and select the best to determine hit. If both dices shows a hit he deals extra 1d4 in damage.

Not inclined to serious analysis at the moment, but I'm very much in favor with what you're trying to get after by doing this. Work has been hosing me for the past six months or so, or I'd have made some progress on my OACKS hack. Something like this would go nicely with that!

This is really cool! Ashigaru Daimyo Shogun approves.


Thank you for your comments. Let me know how it works in actual play.