N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God

A simple thread for detailing mine, or anyone's, work at converting the classic module N1 to ACKS.

N1, the paranoid player's module.

My particular group this time took to heart a quest to find out what happened to a popular local trader from one town; leading them to my version of Orlane. Many hamfisted encounters later, they found the source of the problem and eliminated it. One of the things I'd done beforehand, as I wanted to use this location as a possible introduction to very-low-level domain activities, was look at the structures in town.

Strongholds In Orlane

Orlane, as written, qualifies as a market only by virtue of its stronghold. Nominally, that's the mayor's house - it's not detailed as such, but treating it as a stone manor (Building, Stone, 3000GP) grants one control of up to at least a full 1.5 mile hex or more, depending on what the classification of the domain is, well within the parameters of the module.

However...the real stronghold in Orlane is that big, beautiful Temple of Merikka. 20' high walls - 800 linear feet of them! - surround what is essentially a small keep, 120' on a side, 20' high.

800' of 20' walls in ACKS comes out to 12000 SHP; allowing for a unit capacity of 12-24, at a value of 40,000GP.

The temple itself can be calculated in a couple ways. What I did was reverse engineer some ratios from the various heights of walls in ACKS (ratios of cost/SHP), make a comparison to the same ratios for the default "Keep, Square", and then apply those calculations to determine what various heights of Keeps would be, relatedly; under the presumption a square keep is just 4 walls with the middle filled in.

As a keep that's 120' wide by 20' high, I get a value of 7200 SHP.  If we count the basement floor, that's 10800 SHP.

That's valued at (by my hacked-up ratios) either 22,750 GP or ~34,000 GP - garrisoning somewhere around 6 to 9 units, depending.

That's a total value of 62,750 GP to 74,000 GP, allowing us to control anywhere between two and five six mile hexes.


It'd be quickly evident to players wanting to be fully ACKSy that the temple would be a great base of operations, if their eventual deliverance of the town from its doom could be leveraged into a "benevolent takeover" - even if a cagey Judge allows the temple to be a bit more rundown than by default.

I presented Orlane in a state where that'd be possible without too much extraneous bloodshed; so, we'll see how that goes.  At the present time, various events have conspired to leave Orlane "off the map" as far as whom they may have eventually owed tribute to...that'll change sooner or later.