Need some clarification on monster attack throw progression(s?)

I've made myself a set of quick look-up tables for converting attack throw to attack bonus similar to ACKS 2e document from patreon*, and while doing so I noticed something strange.

Namely in ACKS Player's Companion "Fighting 3" is described as "Monster" and has attack throw progession of "+2 per 2 levels". And this fits the "Monster Attack Throws" table from the core book... but only up to 7 HD/Levels because afterwards the core book table shifts to essentially "+2 per 4 levels".

But hey, I might be reading too much into the name of "Fighting 3", and the descriptor for that was meant only as a rough comparison and not indication that this is exactly what monsters use. I mean that'd make sense seeing as monster HD can grow much further than player levels will. But that still leaves Thrassian Gladiator class which is quite explicitly "Fighting 3" (2 from build points, 1 more for having Thrassian vaule of 2), follows the formula given for nine levels then suddenly stops advancing entirely for last two levels.

Any insights what the intention is here? Right now I kind of assume "Fighting 3 (Monster)" and "Monster Attack Throws" tables *are* supposed to be separate entities, but that still leaves me wondering what's up with Thrassian Gladiator's progression. Is it an error? Author fiat change because the class was too strong? Or something else entirely? I'm genuinely curious.


* This is almost entirely off-topic but I can't find the discussion where people were commenting on ACKS 2e, and I don't feel my 2cp on that is worth a separate topic. Namely I remember there being talk on how proposed ACKS 2e change to attack throws results in unsightly huge bonuses to hit from level 1, and discussion on how to work around that. My advice - if ACKS 2e ever actually happens go full "D&D 3e" on attack throws by adding 10 to all armor class values, and making attack bonuses equal to 10 minus current attack throw. My rationale is simple - with this system players can just roll d20+bonuses and call out the result as the AC they hit. A godsend if the Judge wants to keep monster stats secret. But like I said that's just my 2cp.

The intent is that the Monster Progression is the same as the Monster Attack Throw table! Sorry for the lack of clarity. If I ever do a revised Player's Companion I will make that more explicit.


Would the Heroic progression also start winding down at the same HD?

The Heroic Progression continues ever-onward.