Negative Armor Class?

Is negative armor class possible in ACKS, or is the lowest AC possible Zero?

This is coming up, of course, because one of my players has a new Elven Enchantress with a below-average Dexterity.

I couldn’t find any mention of it in the rules nor on the forums, though I could swear I’d read about this in an earlier forum post.

Thanks in advance.

We’ve had wizards with -1 AC before, mostly on the grounds of being unable to find any reason it shouldn’t be so. But yeah, an official answer on this would be nice.

IANAA, but I think the ruling that you were looking for is here.

So, yes negative AC from dex penalty or cursed armor is totally a thing and the Elven Enchantress will have to be careful.

Thank you. My poor, girlfriend. :slight_smile:

that class is already well equipped to resolve conflict without combat, and now she has an even bigger incentive to do so :wink: