New/Beta: Advanced Treasure Generator


An Advanced Treasure Generator is now in beta:

Major features:

  • Choose either ACKS Core or HFH treasure tables.
    • NOTE: ACKS Core treasure will use the HFH special treasures! (the rugs, capes, etc...)
  • Choose your Campaign Type
    • For ACKS Core games, this will alter the output of armor and sword types, but not miscellaneous weapon types, as the ACKS Core treasure tables do not work that way
  • Choose your Hoard Age
    • Many special treasures are perishable, and the Judge may choose to ignore those results when generating a hoard.
      • Recent: All treasures
      • Old: Reroll prisoners, carcasses, and non-liquor food items
      • Ancient: Reroll the above, plus fur, cloth, poison, herbs, incense, perfumes, books, liquor; keeping horns/pigments.
  • ​​Output is organized into functional types of treasure; with price and weight per category where appropriate.


  • whoops! forgot to mention:​ ACKS Core games will get spells from the Player's Companion. HFH games, as one might expect, get only spells marked as Eldritch.

Please leave feedback, bugs, etc., here in this thread.



I would love the option to detemine what amount of coins should be rolled as potentially special treasure. That way you could have only a small amount of treasure as special treasure for flavor, as it stands it's half which makes it useless in practice if you're in a deep dungeon.

Something strange came up for silver coins here. I've omitted the rest of the generated results, but silver was added in twice, the second time as though it were valued as electrum.

Game: HFH Campaign: AA
HFH Treasure Type: Q (Hoarder 22,000gp)  Hoard Age: Ancient
Approximate Treasure Worth: 21,589 gp

=== Category: Coin ===

8,000 silver pieces (80 gp, 8 st)
10,000 copper pieces (10 gp, 10 st)
100 gold pieces (100 gp, 0.1 st)
7,000 electrum pieces (3500 gp, 7 st)
5,000 silver pieces (2500 gp, 5 st)
1,000 platinum pieces (5000 gp, 1 st)

=== Totals for Coin: 11190 gp, 31.1 st

Ah. The values are a database entry error; the multiplier from GP/SP value was incorrect. That, with a couple others, are fixed.

The reason they're showing up as two piles is that those silver pieces were generated first as an electrum pile, and the way I'm counting discrete items is to grant them a unique identifier by table entry...I'll cogitate on the best way to recombine those.

[quote="Nikephoros Phokas"]

I would love the option to detemine what amount of coins should be rolled as potentially special treasure. That way you could have only a small amount of treasure as special treasure for flavor, as it stands it's half which makes it useless in practice if you're in a deep dungeon.


I'm not sure what you mean by 'useless in practice'? Carting it around I guess?

In theory, the Hoard Age option does that somewhat already - cutting out the majority of special results in favor of the metals, at least.

Ancient copper is only coins, salt, ingots;
silver is coins, tusks, pottery;
electrum is coins, armor/weapons, horns;
gold is coins, metamphora, horns/ivory, porcelain
platinum is coins, horns/ivory, metal ingots

The Gem results are all already small items, but ornamentals especially get knocked down to just the ornamental gems; the rest is tools, gems, and statuettes/carvings/etc.

One other thing to note is that all the "low density" items - high weight-to-value ratio - are largely concentrated in the "Goods" section of the output, which gives you a total value, which could be converted back down to coins/gems where needed.


I just want to add that this is a very helpful update to an already great tool.  I spreadsheet this stuff usually and I appreciate the both the time saving and the option to account for hoard age.  Are you planning to recurse things like Treasure Map (to 1d6 jewelry, 1 rare item) to produce specific results?

I've noticed that the ACKS Core game type occasionally produces captives and slaves, which don't appear in the core rules treasure tables. I'm guessing that content from the Barbarian Conquerers of Kanahu is included? Does that mean that the generator uses BCK coin ratios, as well? Is there any chance of an option to exclude BCK content from the generated treasures, for those who prefer to stick to the core rules and PH content?

It might also be worth marking which of the campaign types is the default one used by core ACKS where nearly all weapons and armour are available, so that people don't have to own the Heroic Fantasy Handbook to know. (I know there technically there isn't a default, but "Sword and Sorcery" comes closest, as it's the only one that allows you to find nearly every type of weapons and armour in the core rules.)

Oh, and this is awesome, by the way.

The ACKS Core game type will use the HFH special item tables; however, the "type values" - the 3d6 copper, 1d6 silver, blah, blah, are still ACKS Core - hence the coin ratios to other treasures will be what you'd expect.

The Campaign Type, for ACKS Core, don't do anything but express the occurence of armor types and sword types (ACKS Core doesn't differentiate on misc. weapons, they're fixed in the magic item tables). I'll make another entry that matches up the ACKS Core armor types, as nothing is really close, and expresses sword types on even chances (ACKS Core doesn't differentiate swords either)

Id be curious the general opinion on the HFH special items vs. Core special items; as far as I can recall there's no rules-based differentiation...or, no, the herbs I guess? I know for myself, the occurence of prisoners has really spiced up the party's response to wilderness lairs.

There isn't any BCK content in this - I think the only thing BCK has specifically for treasure is the Visitor hoards?


Hey, all. The Advanced Generator is now the default version from the main menu link; and it has a link back to the old.

I've added a Campaign Type labeled 'Auran Empire', which takes "swords" in a 20/30/30/20 mix of dagger, short sword, sword, two-handed sword, with the ACKs Core armor type chances, to generate weapon types meant for an ACKS Core game.


What's the "Approximate treasure worth" line about? It seems to lie somewhere between the value given for the treasure type and the actual value of the treasure. For example:


Game: ACKS Campaign: AE
ACKS Treasure Type: F (Incidental 1,500gp)  Hoard Age: Recent
Approximate Treasure Worth: 576 gp

=== Category: Items ===

3 sets of engraved teeth (1 item each, 80 gp each) (240 gp, 0.5001 st)

=== Totals for Items: 240 gp, 0.5001 st


What is this value supposed to be used for?

Looks like I'd been feeding it pre-translated values on a few things; I've suppressed it for now, since I have subtotals by category already; until I can pull things around.

Sorry if this is resurrection a dead thread but is there a working link for the advanced treasure generator? It was a fantastic tool i made often use of and would to see it returned!