[New Class] The Mammu Race

Mammu Tusk-Warrior

Prime Requisite: Strength
Requirements: Strength 9
Hit Dice: d8
Maximum Level: 13

Diseases run rampant in the world. The body diseases of the world are spread through the mismanagement of hygiene and body contact risk management. The social diseases of the world are promoted by the sins of men of society that refuse to work for the good of man. The diseases against nature are originated in the pollution of water, deforestation and over hunting of all wild life.

The effects of ignoring the diseases of the world spring up in many form. The body diseases corrupt the body as it begins to sicken and jaundice. Social diseases and anatural diseases are not as obvious, but exist: with the the sins of men beastmen are born. A culture who is rampant with war is harassed by orcs. A city who deforests the land is struck down gnolls. A town that does not deal with rats are over run by kobolds. Beastmen and monsters are formed by the social debris and mismanagement of the men of the world. The elephant people, the mammu are the hunters of disease in all forms.

In the case of a Mammu Tusk-Warrior, he is designed to kill the epidemic that is beastmen and monsters. At first level, mammu tusk-warriors hit unarmored foe (AC 0) with an attack throw of 10+. They advance in attack throws and saving throws as fighters, by two points every three levels of experience. Mammu have tough skin and become tougher with age. They increase their AC by +1 at 1st level and additional +1 at 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th level. Mammu tusk-warriors can use any weapon, but require loose fitting armor. They may wear chainmail or lighter armor. They are trained to fight wielding a weapon and shield, wielding a weapon two-handed, and wielding a weapon in each hand.

Mammu tusk-warriors are the natural enemies of disease. They are immune to disease abilities and spells. They cannot contract diseases, nor act as a carrier of the disease.

Mammu have unusual anatomy compared to humans. They receive tusks, which allows his unarmed attacks to deal d6 damage. As well, they have a trunk. This trunk counts as an extra hand which can carry smaller object, such a potion. The trunk cannot perform complex labor, such as picking locks or attacking with a weapon, but could be used to quaff a potion or pick up an object off of a table.

When a mammu tusk-warrior reaches 9th level (Tusk Champion), he attracts mammu from far and wide and is placed in charge of a Mammu War-Caravan. Mammu are a nomadic people by nature, always trying to find new diseases to slay. You receive a total of 3d6 x 5 Home Wagons and an equal number of 1st level NPC mammu. A mammu tusk-warrior is expected to employ only soldiers of mammu descent, but may hire members of other races for other tasks.

Petrif & Paralysis (1:15/2:14/4:13/5:12/8:11/9:10/10:9/11:8/13:7)
Poison & Death (1:14/2:13/4:12/5:11/7:10/8:9/10:8/11:7/13:6)
Blast & Breath (1:16/2:15/4:14/5:13/7:12/8:11/10:10/11:9/13:8)
Staff & Wands (1:16/2:15/4:14/5:13/7:12/8:11/10:10/11:9/13:8)
Spells (1:17/2:16/4:15/5:14/7:13/8:12/10:11/11:10/13:9)
Attack (1:10/2:9/4:8/5:7/7:6/8:5/10:4/11:3/13:2)

Level 1: Wanderer, 0 Experience, 1d8 HD, 1 AC Bonus
Level 2: Nomad Monk, 2200 Experience, 2d8 HD, 1 AC Bonus
Level 3: Tusk Warrior, 4400 Experience, 3d8 HD, 1 AC Bonus
Level 4: Beast-slayer, 8800 Experience, 4d8 HD, 1 AC Bonus
Level 5: Tusk Blade, 17,500 Experience, 5d8 HD, 1 AC Bonus
Level 6: Proven, 35,000 Experience, 6d8 HD, 1 AC Bonus
Level 7: Ivory Hero, 70,000 Experience, 7d8 HD, 2 AC Bonus
Level 8: All-Slayer, 140,000 Experience, 8d8 HD, 2 AC Bonus
Level 9: Tusk Champion, 270,000 Experience, 9d8 HD, 2 AC Bonus
Level 10: Caravan Master, 400,000 Experience, 9d8 HD, 2 AC Bonus
Level 11: Caravan Master, 530,000 Experience, 9d8 HD, 2 AC Bonus
Level 12: Caravan Master, 660,000 Experience, 9d8 HD, 2 AC Bonus
Level 13: Caravan Master, 790,000 Experience, 9d8 HD, 3 AC Bonus

Proficiency List: Alertness, Berserkergang, Combat Reflexes, Combat Trickery (disarm, force back, knock down, overrun, wrestle), Combat Trunk, Command, Craft, Defensive Trunk, Dungeon Bashing, Endurance, Fighting Style, Gambling, Gore, Healing, Intimidation, Leadership, Manual of Arms, Military Strategy, Slaughter Pact, Survival, Reach, Riding, Weapon Focus

Combat Trunk: You have trained yourself to use a weapon in your trunk. You may equip a weapon in your trunk. When you do an attack as dual or triple wielding, you gain a +1 or +2 bonus to the melee attack throw from having a second or third weapon. If the other two weapons are magical, only one of the weapons may be added to the attack throw, but not the damage roll. As with dual wielding, triple wielding does not give additional attacks.

Defensive Trunk: The mammu has trained in using his trunk in defense. While he carries a shield or weapon in his trunk, he receives +1 to AC.

Gore: When distance permits the character can charge with a gore attack dealing double damage with his Tusks.

Slaughter Pact: When you are fighting Beastmen in melee, you may decide to deal +2 damage. If the Beastman survives, he deals +2 damage against the character on his next attack.

Reach: A mammu is considered to have a long reach weapon as long as he equips the weapon in his trunk. He may not use two-handed weapons in his trunk for the use of this ability.

Defensive Trunk: so, does the mammu can use two shields at the same time (one in hand and one in his trunk?

I’m not sure. If a normal person holds two shields, does he receive double bonuses? If so, I don’t see why a mammu shouldn’t receive the bonus. Otherwise, probably not.

I do have more coming down the line for this race. The second class, the Mammu Ivory Healer will be up soon. The difficult rules of running a War Caravan has went through a few revisions. As well, rules for how the Mammu decrease the random encounter chance in a region will be up soon.