New Game Starting

Hello everyone.

I’ve had the ACKS books for several months now, but we’ve finally reached a point where we’re ready to do a little dungeon crawling in our gaming schedule.

We sat down Wednesday night and did character creation, which is the first time most of our group has dealt with ‘3d6 straight down.’ It was a lot of fun, and it was interesting how it got people out of their safe niches.

Each person is going to play two characters, and the party thus far is:

Thrassian Gladiator with the Arena Veteran template (the player is very excited for this one, and occasionally shoots me messages along the lines of ‘I’m going to be so sad when my Thrassian dies’)
Shaman with the Druid template (notable because the player has never played a character with high Wisdom OR a divine caster before)
Priestess with the Medician template (notable for having 1 hit point and a 4 dexterity)
Elven Spellsword with the Flametongue template (the running joke at the moment is we’re going to fluff the military oils as high-proof alcohol, and have this be the hardest drinking elf you’ve ever met)
Fighter with the Mercenary template (actually rolled max hit points and has their hopes up that they’ll live)
Elven Ranger (one hit point, and they’ve taken to calling her the ‘canary in the mine’ since she’ll be doing a lot of their scouting)

We spent the rest of the first session discussing changes in the rules/expectations from what they’re used to (XP for GP, mapping, the importance of hirelings, etc.)

I’m excited to run this, and can’t wait to get down to playing. :slight_smile:

If your party’s Thrassian is anything like my party’s Thrassian, they should stop worrying about dying and start worrying about how to spend all their loot from the murdertrain they are conducting.

Ha! Pretty much. Ours was a monster too; natural armor + plate + two-handed weapon was quite effective.

He does have a 9 AC, which is pretty damn impressive I have to admit. I think the next highest in the group is like a 5 or 6? Still, he also only has 3 hit points due to a unlucky roll on his hit die. One magic missile from an enemy spellcaster, and splat.

Rolling for hit points at 1st level is truly hardcore. I hope your players have a blast…and that some survive.