New Magical Items

My players just found (and killed) their first dragon, and are wondering what to do with their scales. I came up with the following uses for red dragonscales:

Red Dragonscale Armor: 50,000gp, 200 days, the scales of ten old dragons
Potion of Fire Resistance: 1,000gp, 2 weeks, the scales of one young dragon
Potion of Fire Breathing: 1,500gp, 3 weeks, the scales of one juveline dragon, or two young dragons

A potion of fire breathing allows the imbiber to breath a cone of fire 40’ long and 20’ wide, dealing 5d6 points of fire damage (save vs breath for half).

I’m just wondering if I’ve priced these correctly. The red dragonscale armor is priced like a magic item that gives you permanent fire resistance, as the spell, but it seems a little pricey? The potion of fire breathing is based on the spell described below, which came out to a third level spell. (Galswintha’s fire breath spell is a bit more powerful than what these PCs need). Let me know if you have any other ideas as well!

Fire Resistance has a duration of 6 turns (1 hour). To create armor that has an ongoing Fire Resistance effect you might build it as a permanent item that can be used 1/hour (x16 cost). That will bring the cost down to a more reasonable level.

Thanks Alex. That brings the cost down to 16,000, which seems about right for the effects.

No problem!