[New Mechanics]Giving Alignment some Teeth

Here are some House Rules around alignment…as well as adding a 4th alignment into the 3 point model.


From the title, I thought I was not going to like this, but upon further inspection this is an awesome idea. Reminds me somewhat of Al at BtBG’s thoughts on the matter ( http://beyondtheblackgate.blogspot.com/2010/07/alignment-as-allegiance.html ), but I actually like yours better, though it does suffer from the problem that there is no incentive for the unaligned. Should there be penalties for receiving healing spells cast by a caster of a differing alignment or something?

Thank you! I’ll check that blog you mentioned.

Yeah, like most people alignment has been one of those annoying elements that I’ve struggled to make sense of. Tying it to your place in the cosmic struggle and NOT to your personal philosophy is the only way I can keep it without jettisoning the entire mechanic (which I have done before).

I don’t really want to give unaligned any incentives(players seem to want it regardless). The gods run the show and they sure as hell don’t want anyone standing on the sidelines! I suppose the fact that you are immune to protection from X abilities is a small benefit. I’ve considered making it so you have to roll twice and take lowest when healing the opposite alignment.

Anyway, really glad you like it!