New Products for Ascendant

I have just purchased the main rulebook and I am very impressed all round and am thinking of running a new supers game for my group.

One question i had is are there any more products planned for the game and if so what are they?
I would particuarly like to see something on magic, as this on my first read through is something that is only hinted at, or have I missed it?


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Hello! The first new product is a graphic novel called Star-Spangled Squadron. Hopefully you saw some of our ads and other promotions.

After that we will be releasing a series of Capital City Casefiles for ready-to-play adventure. We’ll then follow that with an Ascendant Rogues Gallery with dozens of new characters, heroes, villains, etc.

Any chance for a WW2 supplement?

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Gotta say, a Magic and Mythology supplement would be cool. Lots of cultural staples, Merlin, King Arthur and Excalibur, Hercules, the old Greek and Roman Pantheons, the Golden Flese, Thor’s Hammer, Dragons, Hydra’s, Vampires, Valkyries, Medusa, that can come from that.

To say nothing of all the pop culture stuff that would open the door too. Build your own Dr. Strange or Dr. Fate, your own Thor, Constantine, Zatana, Harry Dresden, Blade, Alucard, the list goes on and on and on.

And a pulpy 20’s to early 60’s supplement would be good too. Open up a lot of that old school vibe. The Shadow, The Phantom, Doc Savage, not technically written in that time of very of the spirit of it things like The Rocketer and Indiana Jones. Or if not open it up, then supplement it.

Magic and mythology seems very possible – My working title is Aempyrean and you’d play gods and heroes.

Pulp and similar comic genres are obviously doable, though not sure how big the market is.

I hadn’t considered WW2. WarCry, did you mean WW2 in the sense of realistic Saving Private Ryan type stuff, or more like “Golden Age Superman fights the Ubermensch”?

I’d say put it as compatible with Ascendant core mechanics, something were yeah, you can go be knights of the round table slaying dragons, or greek demi gods stopping Aphrodite from doing her usual shenanigans, or play as a wizard and a half frost giant or something in a modern super setting, or a bunch of vampires intermingling in society.

Addendum: As for Pulp, the thing to remember is, with out the old guard of Pulp, we don’t get a lot of the stuff comics run on. With out John Carter Of Mars and Doc Savage, we never get Superman. With out The Shadow, we never get Batman or The Punisher. And of course, with out them, we never get other characters that came out of it that are like those characters like The Question, The Blue Beetle mark 2 and 3, Daredevil, Green Arrow, The Billy Batson Captain Marvel, Thor ala Marvel Comics, on and on and on it goes, and that’s just a few of many examples.

So it’s worth having that I’d think just because it is so important too the genera as a critical foundation piece.