[New Race/Class]Jotun Juggernaut

Here is my promised racial class using the Jotun race I introduced earlier.


Oops… forgot their saves. Ok, that’s fixed!

I had been working on a similar race for the Auran Empire, though your design is far more progressed than my own. All I'd written was the backstory...

Jutten Race: Each fall, as frost settles on the land, hill giants descend from the perilous Jutting Mountains to terrorize the northernmost villages of Rorn, Jutland, and Celdorea. When giants raid a village, the men and children are slain and eaten, while the women are raped. These brutal assaults usually kill their victims. Of those women strong enough to survive the assault, however, more than a few find that a giant’s seed has taken hold in their womb. The child of such a union is called a jutten, or half-giant. In Celdorea and Rorn, a half-giant baby is deemed monstrous and killed at birth. In warlike Jutland, however, jutten children are revered for their strength, and raised as champions that can battle giants on their own terms.


Well, feel free to yank some or all of mine for your mechanics if you want to. If not, if you have an idea already, I’d love to see it!