[New Spell] Diminished Rite

Taking a cue from Hackmaster…

Diminished Rite
Divine 2
Duration: instantaneous
Range: touch (120’)
This spell restores life to a deceased creature (excluding creatures which are not truly alive, such as constructs, elementals, and undead). The caster can raise a creature that has been dead for no longer than one day. The spell cannot bring back a creature that has died of old age, lost its head, or had its body cremated.
This spell repairs lethal damage, but will only repair a body to a certain extent. Destroyed limbs are regrown but bizarrely damaged, while lost eyes or ears are not regrown. The Judge may use the Mortal Wounds table to determine actual results of reduced usefulness of limbs.
Despite this spell’s beneficial results, tampering with the body and soul is never without risk. Each time a character benefits from diminished rite, he must roll on the Tampering with Mortality table in Chapter 6 a total of three times and apply each of these results.
A divine spellcaster may not cast this spell more than once per week.

Example: Jaraniel the Winged has fallen to a Zaharan ghoul deep beneath a nameless tower. His companion, a 4th level dwarf craftpriest named Zok, decides that neither one of them will be able to escape unless Jaraniel is returned in some form. Zok casts the diminished rite spell. Jaraniel died after the ghouls tore off his right arm (-2). Zok is 4th level (+2) and is not in a temple of his god (-2), for a total of -2 to rolls. The rolls go very well, however- 14-4, 15-1, 18-6. When Jaraniel first awakens, he feels a strange urge to throttle Zok with his new arm, a stunted, hairless thing with black exposed veins and two fingers conjoined. This goes away as an overwhelming sense of warmth and love streams through him, culminating in his arm’s strange desire to work on its own being driven away by Ammonatar’s presence. Jaraniel never gets to find out that horses were afraid of him, as the result of 18-6 removed other negative effects. The arm itself, however, remains ghastly, and the Judge decides that Jaraniel’s strength in that arm is diminished, resulting in him treating it as Strength 8 instead of his normal 16. Jaraniel is happy to be alive, but unhappy that it seems he will need to learn to fight left-handed.

Very cool spell!

I almost want to remove Restore Life and Limb and only use that spell, and watch my player characters devolve into monsters…

Used it for the first time in a Dwimmermount game tonight after a PPK- the 1st level cleric wound up becoming an undead beacon, and falling away from his god (-1 spell/level).

The warlock’s tongue grew back, sure, but he now has cat-eyes and his arm has a mind of it’s own. He retired, but that was because he woke up naked and spellbook-less.

The poor henchman they hired wound up with endlessly growing hair, a baboon leg, and turned into a lady. He… she… also retired.