New Spell: Pharmakos

I'm running a Chaotic campaign using Heroic Fantasy at the moment, and wanted to create a way for my Chaotic players to manage corruption short of becomming undead. The name is taken from a Greek ritual of purification where the sins of a community were ceremonially placed on  acoupel of its members. I set it to 6th level to make it match with Atonement.

This is what I came up with:

Pharmakos (Eldritch 6 Black)

Range: Touch, Duration: Instantaneous

The spell transfers corrpution points from a willing subject (who may be the caster) to a willing or helpless target. The target must be an intelligent humanoid capable of gaining corruption points and must have fewer corruption points than the subject. The caster may also transfer the corrptuion point gained from casting the spell to the target. An unwilling target may save vs Spells to resist the effect. If they fail to resist the caster may transfer any number corruption points from the subject to the target until the target as as many corruption points as the subject. This may remove corrupting weaknesses fromt eh subject and inflict them on the target.

Note that voluntarily participating in Pharmakos is a highly chaotic act.