Newbie question about Monster Experiencie Table

Hi everyone,

I bought ACKS some days ago, and i’m loving it.
However is my first “old school” game and I have a little question about Monster Experiencie Points table (p114). The rows indicate the HD of the defeated monster, but I don’t understan the diference between a X HD row and X+ HD row. I mean, what is a monster with, i. e. 3+ HD?
Why these values with the “+” only reach to 7 HD?

Thank you very much.

I think the (HD)+ portion of the xp table is referencing monsters that have extra hit points on top of their HD. So a monster with less than 1HD, for example a Kobold, is worth 5xp. While an orc, with a flat 1HD, is worth 10. However, the Orc sub chieftain has something like 1+1 HD, meaning you would roll a HD and add 12 to the result. SO he is worth 15xp.

Understood :slight_smile:

Thank you.