No gloves?

How come there are belts, boots and hats, but no gloves in the equipment list?
How much does a pair of leather gloves cost?
I’m thinking 6sp? Too little? Too much?

After several months of playtesting, gloves were banned from ACKS because players used them to avoid contact poison, poison needles, touching cursed items, and contact with green slime. It was simply absurd that 6sp item afforded that much protection, and it was banned.
A 4sp fingerless glove will be added to the game in v31.

Wouldn’t it be more parsimonious to note, in the equipment item listing, that wearing gloves does not protect against curses or slime, and that thieves wearing gloves cannot perform thief functions? This way the fingerless glove becomes a meaningful and useful item, and keeping ordinary gloves provides an opportunity to give judges guidance on what happens when players don’t notice that gloves are not on the equipment list and just write them on their sheet, sew their own, etc.

I agree with Tavis. 100%.

Yep, me too. Banning gloves outright seems a bit silly.

Shhh. Don’t tell my players about the power of gloves! They will sell their +2 weapons and stock up on gloves. Oh, the horror. :slight_smile:

I cannot tell, at this point, who is being tongue-in-cheek and who is not, so I will just say that my original post was meant to be humorous and leave it at that.

I hope that the intensity of my confidence in your having carefully considered all aspects of the design and their impact will excuse having then thought that you had tried to fix a design problem really, really inefficiently!