Nobiran Agelessness

“All wonderworkers are ageless and enjoy a lifespan three times longer than that of normal men.”

How exactly does this work? Do I triple their maximum age? Their individual age categories?

I assume that means they don’t suffer aging modifiers until they die.

  1. They ignore progressive ability score adjustments for age categories.
  2. They roll Death from Old Age at the following:
    a) racial minimum Old age x3 + Constitution
    b) racial minimum Ancient age x3 + Constitution
    c) Racial maximum listed age x 3, and each year thereafter

A Nobiran with CON 15 thereafter would roll for a saving throw versus Death at (56 x3 + 15) 183, (76x3 + 15) 243, and (95 x3) 285 and each year thereafter.

Thanks, that cleared it up.