Nobiran champion and wizard level cap

According to the Player's Companion, a 4-point racial custom class has a maximum level of 13. Both the Nobiran classes in the Heroic Fantasy Handbook are such classes, but can reach level 14. Am I missing something?

If you look at the "Nobiran custom classes" section, it's mentioned they have an ability called "Heroic Spirit", which increases their maximum level by 1.

Thanks! That'll teach me to be more thorough in my research.

Ok, so side question. 

They both have Divine health, but don’t have the spare proficiency in their build notes at level one for it.

I notice that in on their race template powers but it’s not listed as a race power in the players companion.

I further notice the wonderworker has it, but I assumed it was one of the two powers they gained for a turn undead trade off.

Can anyone help me here?



It's a race power of Nobirans. If it isn't listed as a race power in the player's companion that's an error - all Nobiran classes have it.