Nobirans, language and settlements

Auran Empire Primer has no details on nobirans, not even in a language part and now that I rolled a nobiran hench, I'm wondering how should I even name them ? So far I just assigned an elven name, but somehow I feel it doesn't fit perfectly. 

Also, are there any nobiran settlements ? Any places where they live together or at least are a noticeable minority ? Where do they even come from ? Well, apart from a character generator of course.

According to the description of the Nobrian Wonderworker class, Nobrians are the decendants of human kings and prophets blessed by the gods. The divine blood is apparently weak enough that it only rarely expresses itself, so the vast majority of Nobians are presumably born to normal human parents in normal human communities. (Though, as monarchy is also hereditary, a lot of them might have noble or royal titles.)

I suspect they're inspired by the concept of heroes from Hellenic mythology, who were mostly the product of gods co-fathering mortals, causing them to be born with god-tier abilities that exceeded those of their parents.

In any case, it's unlikely there are any settlements or cultures where everyone's a nobrian, unless a particularly promiscuous deity recently spent multiple generations blessing everyone born in a specific place. Similarly, there's also no language unique to nobrians, since they'd speak the languages of whatever cultures they grew up in.

I've got confused by HFH Nobiran wizards who have colleges, supposedly Nobiran-only if no humans can cast spells. Then again, it could be "rare mages look for other rare people with the magical talent" as well.

Thanks, that clears it !