Non-Elf Spiritual Advisor for Elven Fastness

Can a non-elf act as a spiritual advisor to an elven domain? How does that affect morale for religion?

Without creating a custom class, there are no divine spellcaster elves. It certainly makes one wonder if elves are even in the business of worshipping gods, or if they have a different sort of philosophy.

IANAA so unfortunately I don’t have an answer that is rules as written/intended. I would say that, for something at that level, itshould be decided by the DM based on how the elves’ culture in their world works if a morale hit is appropriate. If so, I think just using the same penalty for ruler being a different alignment or simply the temporary seasonal penalty for introducing a new religion should suffice.

  1. Yes, and it doesn’t.
  2. Yes, and it causes a morale penalty / reaction rolls from elven henchmen / other trouble.
  3. No, elves don’t worship (like that).
  4. No, only [elven divine casting class] can.

Which works best for your game?

The rules don’t take a stance on this, and that seems pretty intentional to me. There’s probably a general answer for the Auran Empire campaign setting, but that’s it.

In my Crimson Sun setting, any Wind- or Rain-priest could generally be the spiritual advisor for an Elven domain (a semi-nomadic tribe with a territory and a concealed fastness, usually carved into canyon walls, or built around an oasis in the deep desert usually cloaked by magic), although they naturally prefer their own wind-singers and elven bladedancers. Fatalistic Dust-priests could probably do a pretty brisk business with the more extremely Chaotic tribes.

We have created an Elven Druid class, which is the only Divine Elven class in our campaign (they don’t get restore life & limb or resurrection and instead get reincarnate). I’ll probably just use them.

In the core rules I left out any Elven clerics because opinions vary so widely on what the nature of the elven relation to the divine should be

In the Auran Empire setting, there is nothing preventing elves from being divine spellcasters, but they are not typically Clerics in the human manner. In the current time, the majority of elves worship the Empyrean or Chthonic pantheon although they respect the existence and power of both. Elven divine casters will tend to be more akin to Shamans, Witches, Priestesses, and/or Wonderworkers. Sylvan elves will tend towards the former two while High elves will tend toward the latter two.

Out of curiosity, will Auran Empire include any divine Elf classes or Elven versions of any of those?