Non-Magical Workshops

The craftpriest says:
“With access to a workshop, the character can produce 25gp worth of items per month, and supervise 3 apprentices in his craft.”
Only, I can’t find reference to the cost of a non-magical workshop. How much would say, a forge for crafting weapons and armor cost?
I don’t see this listed under civilian structures either.

I never worked it out, but the beauty of ACKS is that we can always find an appropriate price.
A complete set of armorer’s tools costs L13 16s 11d historically (1514). ACKS was built on a rough conversion of 1 silver penny = 1 silver piece, which converts 1 shilling to 1.2gp, so we get:
13 pounds x 20 shillings/pound x 1.2gp/shilling = 312gp
16 shillings x 1.2gp/shilling = 19.2gp
11 pennies x 1sp/penny = 1.1gp
TOTAL: 332.3gp.
Another way to calculate this would be to start with a crafter’s known wage (25gp) and then work backwards, knowing that in ACKS the secret ratio (1:33) allows us to work out someone’s net worth if we know their monthly wage. At 25gp x 33 = 825gp. We know from the stronghold’s section that a wooden cottage by itself, suitable for an independent tradesman to set up shop, costs about 300gp. The craftsman probably has an inventory of goods he’s made (call it 3 months worth, or 75gp), as well as an amount of personal goods and coin equal to at least that of an average laborer (100gp). So that would be about 475gp of the wealth, leaving 350gp for his specific crafting tools and equipment.
So about 325 to 350gp.

I love these detailed answers from you, Alex. It makes playing this game so much more satisfying to know that it’s so well thought out.
Your time answering is much appreciated.

I noticed in this latest version (the full PDF), you changed the wording to say, “with access to craftsman’s tools”.
So, now, I’m wondering: is this different than a “workshop” that was used in previous texts? How expensive are “craftsman tools”? Do Craftpriests begin play with them automatically? The starting template give this to them. If it’s the same price as mentioned above (325gp), that seems excessive for a starting character.
I just wanted to clarify. Thanks!

Michael, craftsman’s tools cost 25gp (same as thieves’ tools). Craftsman’s tools are to a full workshop what an ambulance is to an operating room, e.g. the bare minimum to use the skill. In doing my final pass on the rules, I decided I was being overly hardline to rule that no one can produce anything without 325gp+ in investment. Sorry for the last minute change.
Craftsman’s tools will be detailed in an equipment entry in the Player’s Companion so it’ll be formalized for everyone.

No problem! Thanks for the clarification.
If you had a full-blown workshop, might you get a bonus to production or something?

Michael, if you check the equipment rules in the Player’s Companion excerpt I sent you, you’ll see how I handled this.

Yes! Very nice. Keeps the math in order and makes the workshop necessary. Good stuff.