Normal Men - Henchmen

What is the best way to generate 0-level Henchmen?
For 1st level the rules are written on page 50 but below that?

I just used 0th level fighters with 1d8 hit points (1HD), as per an Autarchian’s advice. The rules also suggested “meager” belongings, so I stuck with pretty pathetic equipment - slings, a club, an old spear, maybe some leather armor.

perhaps you can get some use out of this:

I use this:

Ah yes, this one is great!
Got it a long time ago but didnt remember the henchmen table. :slight_smile:

Dagget War Dog Dog 14 M Bite (2d4) Leather & Shield (equiv.) Law Polymorphed NPC

OMG, this is awesome! :smiley:

That is AWESOME.