Number of domains during world creation.

Creating the setting with these rules involves divvying up the land among various domains. Given the size of the map I’m working with (Kingdom scale, defined as 1,150 - 6,300 hexes; mine has 1,200 I think), the chart says there will be 1,365 - 9,331 domains. But I have no idea how they came up with that range. Going to the player rules for initiating a domain it says that a domain can be as small as 1 square mile, but that a full 6-mile hex is typically as small as they get (which is supposed to be 32 square miles). Domains can be multiple hexes too, so I don’t get how the range doesn’t go from the small end being the biggest possible number of hexes allowed (whatever it is) to one for each of the 36,000 square miles represented on my map.

Actually. Writing all this down while consulting the book might be helping me figure it out myself…Just in case I’m still getting it wrong though, some feedback would be great!

I seem to be ending up with 67 complete 24-mile hexes, enough neat halves to make another 3 complete 24-mile hexes, and then some partials that I don’t know how to figure out because I’m crap at math and geometry. Don’t know if this is relevant.

The listing counts every realm, including the ones inside other realms. Check out the second table on 229.

1 Barony has 1 Barony.
1 March has 1 March + 4-6 Baronies (5-7 “realms”)
1 County has 1 County + 4-6 Marches (each with 4-6 Baronies means:) +16-36 Baronies (21-43 “realms”)

And so on. It’s some flavor of geometric.

According to the charts on ACKS pg 230, a typical barony has 160 families, and a typical 6 mile hex has 300 families at the standard 50 people / sq. mi. density. So a typical barony should be about half a hex.

I usually map something the size of a kingdom at the 24mi hex scale, and only do the borderlands region where the campaign is actually going to focus at the 6 mi scale. To make things easier on myself, I assume each 24mi hex is a county that looks like this:

1 Count with a 1 hex personal domain and a class V urban settlement.
5 Marquises, each with a 1 hex personal domain and a class VI urban settlement.
20 Barons (4 per Marquis), each with a 1/2 hex personal domain and no urban settlement.

That precisely fills a 24mi hex.

I set aside a whole 24mi hex for the personal domains of the King and each Prince and Duke. Then, I place a class II urban settlement in the King’s hex and a class III in each Prince’s hex, and assume a class IV in each Duke’s hex. Finally, I give myself permission to retroactively mix this up a little if it ever becomes necessary to map those areas at the 6mi scale.

Thank you kindly.