Obscuring Mists

So Obscuring Mists got used in last night’s session. Brought the game grinding to a halt as the 50+ ambushers and the 20+ member party suddenly were all blinded and stumbling around.

I went back and looked up the old Obscurement spell (which I assume is the influence for obscuring mist) and I noticed that it’s not as severe (namely you can still see between 2-8 feet around you instead of being completely invisible.

Is there any reason why this feature was removed in place of what’s now essentially a really really big Darkness spell? I’m thinking of rolling back to the earlier version unless there is something I’m missing.

where can i find this spell. cannot find obscurement, not obscuring mist, only obscuring cloud…thx

I think the OP means obscuring cloud. Iirc, obscuring mists is a d&d spell name with much the same type of spell.

Yeah, I meant Obscuring Cloud.

Obscurement is in 1st Ed AD&D, and OSRIC.

Ah…I see that’s how it’s written in Companion rules. Weird. It was never so effective in Advanced I wonder why it got such an upgrade over the original version.