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This thread is for any and all out-of-character discussion, including questions about Character Creation, rulings, general hilarity, etc.

Oh mi! I an OOC thread. I almost missed the whole sub forum! O_O!

Oh and I might make a few more posts to figure out the die roller.

Finally, I have a suggestion for combat. Everyone declare what they do at the same time, and then the GM figures everything out at the end. Instead of a week for one round, you can get a round a turn done. Maybe?

As far as combat goes, I agree, that works most of the time. Everyone declares stuff like Withdrawals and Spells, then initiative and, based on that, what everyone else will do. Gets 1 round done per day or so. Sometimes it can’t be done that way if there is crucial timing involved. Regardless, I’ll try and be generous when interpreting this kind of stuff.

There’s a thread discussing the dice roller here: http://www.autarch.co/forums/play-post/adventurer-conqueror-king/test-dice-roller

You can also post test rolls there.

Bobloblah, to recruit and outfit a 0 level, normal man as a henchman, how should I go about that? Is there a starting market class and handle it with die rolls now, or wait and do it all in character?

Added: Specifically, what I’m after is to hire a light infantry/spearman to fight from the second rank and pay him hench wages to go down into murder-holes alongside me. So if I can recruit a mercenary as a hench that’s even better, but I’m willing to pay to equip if needed. But I’m not thinking of just a porter or torchbearer at this point.

And I guess more generally, how much roleplaying are you looking to do in town, versus equipping and heading straight out into the hexes?

If you have the money yourself up front, I’m willing to resolve it with a few die rolls (recruitment cost, reaction rolls, etc.) before we begin. Otherwise, we handle it in the (yet to be created) IC Thread in the week or two until we really get going.

I don’t mind doing a little roleplaying in town initially, but it’s not the focus. The domain you all hail from is a safe, boring place for low level adventurers.

Is there going to be a basic description of deities, lands, peoples, etc for us to make characters with?

I have my character’s mechanics done but he needs a name, bio, and flag design. (I have a flag. My horse carries it strapped to the saddle upright, lance-holder style.)

Of course he does.

The answer to your questions is, “Yes, absolutely!” Our start date may actually be dependant on you, but in the mean time I’m putting together the campaign material. I finished the hex map today, and I’m now doing a little integration and conversion work on the material I’ll be using. Once I’ve got that in a slightly more finished state, I’ll be posting an information thread with a brief history, a couple lines on each of the places your Characters know, as well as the major deities.

I’m going with a cleric of Moldvay, I think.

I’m not entirely certain I know what this means…

I’m happy to resolve it with die rolls. (I’m working with 45 gold pieces.)

Hengist buys drinks for mercenaries, gamblers and impressionable local farm youth. If I can find a mercenary with his own equipment willing to strike out with me I’ll offer a 30 gold signing bonus. If that’s not on offer, I’ll offer to give arms and armor as a light infantryman to anyone willing to fight alongside me and guard my back.

I’ll start by offering 15% of my own share of treasure and a 12 gp monthly wage, but if I get a “try again” result I may come up, if only so I’m not seen being stingy in public.

In one of the groups I play in the DM leaves the gods somewhat amorphous and undefined. For some reason (actually, I think it was the Fellowship of the Bling thread over on rpg.net) we started playing clerics of Gygax, or Arneson, or Moldvay or whatever, with twenty-sided holy symbols and whatnot.

That’s actually pretty funny. In this case, there will be a handful of defined gods.

question before chosing proficencies: i have the idea of taking naturalims+alchemy to prepare poison… will the party wait a week or two from time to time so i can collect/process plants for poison?

Speaking only for myself, but I would consider it very weird if we never had downtime.

People will want to hire henchman and mercenaries, recover from mortal wounds, engage in trade, and at higher levels minister to congregations, perform spell research, build magic items, and so on.

I’m all for down time.

Only thing I don’t know is how often it’ll come around at the pace of play in a play by post. ?

It’s no different that IRL. You just handwave the passage of a week or two, narrating what happens during the downtime.

What he said.

No, I understand hand waving time. I meant, if an adventure takes longer in real time to resolve, I wondered if it would be frustrating waiting for your downtime to finally arrive in the first place. But I don’t know, if I’m borrowing trouble I retract it. I really am in favor of downtime activities, I like that aspect of play.

Bobloblah, I’m assuming you would like control over the threads that get added here. If not, I can go ahead and do it. I would like to propose that we add a thread called something along the lines of “Standard Operating Procedures”. We can use that to keep track of active players and any standard practices we want to incorporate. I find the following are useful to establish in advance:

1)Marching orders (both overland and dungeon); include who is carrying light sources.
2)Watch orders. I’m not sure how you want to run it, but I think the typical assumption (in B/X, at least) is that spellcasters should have first/last watches to regain spells. Also, do we camp with fire or without.
3)What do do at closed doors. I’m typically in favor of something like: “thief moves forward to listen and check for traps. If nothing is heard or seen, the adventurers line up with a crossbowmen facing the door, fighters pressed against the wall on either side and a spellcaster prepared to cast over the bowman’s shoulder. One of the fighters against the wall thrusts the door open.” Or something to that effect.

I further propose that, if the SOP thread is approved, we limit discussion to OOC, only transferring decisions to the SOP thread once a majority opinion is reached.

How does the above sound?

Oh! regarding marching order, are adventurers with reach weapons (spears and polearms) able to attack from the second rank?