OOC thread

I figure it's GM's privilege on the forum.  You'll be interacting with it more than any one of us.

I'm good either way.  I wasn't myself intrinsically impressed by US, but it's quite possible I never got past the learning curve.

Replies, as long as we're still here, could be addressed by clicking Quote once, copying the block quote, tabbing back and pasting into the reply to thread box.

I kinda like that replies show up under the original comment. It's useful for when you might want multiple side-discussions at the same time. Example: In the character thread, there's essentially a bunch of seperate character-building conversations, and it's useful to me to have that grouping to make it easier to see which posts are relevant to Kal and which are about Thirdkingdom. 

I have no objections about switching, though; as mentioned, that's mostly a DM's privilege thing. 

To be honest, I will bow out if you shift to US. I agree that it’s Judge’s privilege. I just know that I will not keep up if I add another website to monitor. No drama, whatever you decide!

Hardrada, what other sites are you active on?  Doesn't necessarily have to be US.

Personally dont care either way as long as I will receive notification mails.

Still have to figure out how that works here...

"My Account" top right, "Subscriptions" tab, "Settings".  I believe.

Seems to work!

There was also a setting preventing notification for my own emails.

What is everything thinking about in terms of ethicality? I generally shoot for the 75% mark on Goodness Level; help those in need, risk life for others, maaaaybe execute the captured enemy wizard because he's only going to find a way to turn into a lich in our dungeons if we don't. Maybe steal from the rich if they're rude. 

Hmm, hard to say before actually playing the character in question. Also depends a lot on the campaign world.

(Why does it suddenly start posting twice?)

Rodriguez, are you double clicking on the Save button?

Also, when are we shooting for finished characters by?

I don't want to burn anyone out on creating characters if they're planning on multiple henches.  Plus Kalstone is travelling.  So no target date right now.  If we get through the weekend and some folks are falling behind, we'll re-assess.

Plus, after you finish with characters, there's the matter of planning the first expedition.  I know in tk's hexcrawl campaign, we made our first trip with a wagon train of supplies and a couple platoons of horse archers.  You would be well-advised to consider similar plans.  Note the differences in numbers of enemies appearing between dungeon encounters and wilderness encounters.

I'm going to try to keep mercenary recruitment simple by presenting you with platoon-sized options as often as possible.  Platoons in Domains at War are 15 mounted or 30 foot.

I am pretty sure I'm going to move the game to another site.  I'm waiting to see if Hardrada uses another site that would work for me but he hasn't posted in a couple days.  I'd hate to lose him so I hope there's a compromise here, but this site frustrates the heck out of me.

Once that gets settled, I'll move everything over, give you guys a little more information about the setting, and then we can move toward starting the game.

Cool beans! 

Sulldawga, sorry, I have been internally debating various character concepts whilst observing which direction you might go regarding forum.

During the week, almost all of my recreational Internet time is executed via smartphone. This makes it easy to check one site frequently. At least for me, it makes multiple sites tedious.

Thank you for your generous desire to include me, but if your preference is to change sites, please permit me to recommend allowing someone else to take my place.

If you do decide to remain here, I believe I will play a middle-aged fighter inclined toward philosophy (a Marcus Aurelius meets Boethius sort of figure). My chief hang-up now is the best way to support the concept with my ability score sets.

I'm totally buried at work and will update my character when needed.  I apologize for any delays.  BTW, is anyone else finding that when they click on the main game thread it takes you to a page that lists a subfolder called "Older Threads" that doesn't include any of the new ones?

Hardrada, sorry to lose you but this site will drive me nuts if I stay here.  We're moving.

I know where you're coming from, I used to feel the same way myself.  But I find it easier to track multiple games at different sites with the email notification.  The links to the new posts are right in the emails.  Let me know if you change your mind.

For the rest of you, we're still on a little bit of a slow roll with tk slammed at work and Kalstone traveling for work.  But I will have the site set up on US as soon as I can and then I'll move the necessary posts over there.  Keep posting here until I give you the signal to head over.

Also a bit swamped at work but some progress is made with building my character nevertheless.

He will be an Assassin and the loyal "henchmen" of Alistair Stone, Susans character. I have a long weekend now and hope I can finish things till Tuesday.

Thanks for the opportunity to play, in any case, and good fortune to all!