Oops Players Companion

I bought the PC a few days ago and damned if I can fine the list of proficiency lists for the classes as you level up. Is there no table like page 56 of the ACKs core book?

I don’t believe there is. You’ll have to rely on the Proficiency List within each of the new classes.

Yah… I tend to just print the couple pages for the class and hand those to the player. This prevents them from going full 3.x sourcebook-miner, so the current structure works well for me. Wouldn’t be hard to build a text file with just the lists.

Zardnaar - the proficiency progressions of the new classes use whichever of the Fighter, Thief, Mage, Cleric lines is appropriate, based on the saving throw progression of the PC class. So you need to refer to the table in the Core rules.

I was more or less doing that as a houserule. It was just a bit annoying with the wonder worker class which I renamed Mystic Theurge and one of the other classes.

Kind of like unofficial 2nd ed rogue/priest/warrior groups. I do see a litle 3.5 influence in ACK here and there though. By d20 players will try out ACKs but not BECMI so go figure. I think the 1gp=1xp part of ACKs appeals to them and none of them have played BECMI or 1st ed (1 maybe a long time ago).

I had this same question on Google+ just a few days ago. It was kindly suggested that I refer to the saving throw progressions also, which is something I hadn’t pieced together until it was mentioned. :slight_smile:

Still should be in the book/PDF IMHO.