[Options] The Party as a "Character"

there is something in my head, only a rough idea so most of the details are missing. here’s some brainstorming:

  1. Party Level is equal to the average Level of all PCs

  2. A Party’s Reaction adjustment is equal to the average of it’s CHA-modifiers. When making reaction rolls for monsters, apply the party’s reaction modifier to the roll - the party makes the impression not a single character

  3. Members of the party know each other well the longer they are adventuring together and thus receive the following benefits based on party level:

LVL 3: Coordinated Awareness: +1 to surprise rolls
LVL 6: Coordinated Actions: +1 to initiative
LVL 9: Coordinated Defenses: +1 to AC when fighting in a group (perhaps a group consists is defined as all members are within 90’ of each other)
LVL 12: Coordinated Attacks: +1 to attack rolls

Has anyone done something similar? Any ideas. Goal here would be to simulate situations that are influenced by all members of a group and producing a feeling of “knowing each other”, companionship and teamwork…

Interesting idea and reminds me of Legends of Anglerre which turned parties into a character. I like the idea. How long does a new recruit need before they get the bonuses?

good point. have to think about yet. just to clarify: you mean a new character who joins the party, regardless of the new character’s level - not a new level 1 character, because the latter joining a more experienced group, would automatically lower average party level and those the party would loose benefits, because they are not used to each other and have a "greenhorn2 in their ranks.

i would say (as not to overcomplicate things) - there would be now waiting time for a new recruit.

this also leads to the question, how to treat henchmen and hirelings. i tend to ignore them - i would like to focus on PCs only.

Why not keep track of how many levels the characters gain while adventuring together? Say you have four adventurers who gain three levels together, giving them the +1 to surprise rolls. Then one of them dies and starts a new character. The three old and one new characters then gain three levels together, giving the three old characters +1 to initiative when adventuring in each others presence, and giving the new character a +1 to surprise rolls when adventuring with the old characters.

Neat idea, by the way. :slight_smile:

If it’s based on average level, then yeah, probably best to just chuck the new guy in and average them.

Did you give a bonus to saves? That would be a good thing they could get for knowing when to dodge and when to roll away and looking out for your friend before the rattler bites them.

You could certainly give a +1 to saves vs. blast. The bonuses and the levels they are granted are jsut an example. However, i would assign only a couple of teamwork benefits to not overpower the group and to not having to track to many things.

that would also be a possibility. however, things would get somewhat complicated with several newbies joined at different times (likely by old school games) and (in addition) even more complicated if the group splits up?

You know, maybe another way to think about this is a bit more compartmentally.

After a group has been together for more than one foray, they may pick one of the following abilities to represent their group training. If they lose a member, they lose a random ability. If they add a new member, none of the abilities work in the initial foray with the new member(s), but after one foray, the group gets their abilities back (minus the one for losing an old member):

  • Alert: +1 to Initiative
  • Sneaky (requires a thief or similar character): -1 to opponent’s surprise
  • Arcane Shield (requires an Arcane caster): +1 to saves versus Blast
  • Divine Shield (requires a Divine caster): +1 to saves versus Spells
  • Team Offense (requires a Fighter or similar): +1 to hit
  • Team Defense (as above): +1 to AC
  • Healer’s Grace (requires 2+ Healers): Add one to all Heal Prof rolls, and the amount healed through the Proficiency or Comfrey

And if you wanted to get fancy (and complicated) you might try stuff like…

  • Arcane Dabblers (requires 2+ Arcane casters): from watching and assisting the rituals of your companions, you can, once a day, cast a spell from your allies repertoire as though it were in yours. This spell uses a slot one level higher than normal.

Hummm… I feel a blogpost coming one…

Actually scratch the ‘foray’ concept, that’s a bit too generous. I think perhaps one per level after level 2. Highest level character only. If they die, lose a number of abilities equal to the level difference between them and the second highest character. If there are class requirements that are no longer met, lose any class specific abilities as well.

Hirelings do not contribute to Teamwork bonuses.

mmm, i think we are up to something…