Orc Champion and Chief Traits blog entry

Somewhere out in the blogsphere (or is that blogiverse ?) there was an excellent entry that talked about specific proficiency like traits for leaders of orc warbands. Now that I want to use it, of course I can't find it.  

Does anyone know which blog it was on and/or where I can find the charts and/or post?

I wrote a thing like that once: https://wanderinggamist.blogspot.com/2018/01/acks-orc-chieftain-abilities.html

That's it!!!  Thank you. There is some really good content on your blog.  Thank you for posting and please continue.

I would like to see a multitude of such charts for various beastman. I might try to make more using the orc chart as my template. Handy indeed!

I was quite happy to see all the beastman stuff and chaotic domains in Axioms (I wish hobgoblins got included in the custom classes though, but we can't have everything).

I think my next campaign is going to have a lot to do with beastmen. I always had an affinity for the Horned Society of Greyhawk. I'll probably steal the name for my quasi-Auran too (Grey-Auran, kidding).