Original notes/spreadsheets available for Realm rules?

As the subject line asks. I think at one point there was a version that incorporated patricians/lords/knights, and may have had other premises.

The reason I ask is that I'd like to experiment with maybe creating some variations. It would have at its base the following ideas:

1. Each hamlet/manor would consist of 2d3 x 10 families (average 40) with a patrician/knight/bailiff in charge. (I understand this level of detail was I  an earlier version of ACKS, but removed. I'd like to try to add it back in for modeling realms with less than a million inhabitants, or just as a base assumption for the other building blocks.)

2. A baron would have 1d10 + 10 vassals holding hamlets/manors with an average of about 620 families altogether.

3. Each additional level above a baron would have an additional 1d10 + 10 direct vassals holding manors. So if the next level above a baron was a count (no rule book with me while I'm on my lunch break so apologies if I got the hierarchy wrong) he'd have 2d10 + 20 vassals holding manors.

Any notes for how the current Realm rules work might be helpful. I want to work on a variation where the hierarchy is somewhat flattened so that all nobles baron and above owe direct allegiance to the sovereign, and another version where levels can be skipped so that a duke could have both counts and barons as direct vassals. I hope this might give a better "disorganized" feel to how a dark ages hierarchy might have developed.




it just so happens that there is now a path to gain access to the secret spreadsheets and notes that drive the game, and all it takes is ascending to godhood :-)


(check the diety level)

Ok, I didn't see that. Unfortunately, I can't afford that level of support. Sigh.

It's probably just as well. I suspect viewing those spreadsheets is like looking at the Ark when they opened it in Raiders of the Lost Ark...

I was just teasing, of course. And that offer is brand new so you can be forgiven for doing what is usually done when people are in search of divine wisdom: post here on the forums.  You are only looking for a very small slice of the OG documents anyway.

It would... unless you were a diety capable of looking upon such divine radiance :-P

You see, Alex just has our best interests and survival in mind.

I love this idea and I hope you proceed. That said, there's nothing available that I've designed that would assist you in modeling it - if I were to tackle the project myself, the first thing I'd do would be to build a spreadsheet for it, because I don't have one that would work. 



You don't already have a spreadsheet for this? Not even a chart?!


<checks outside for signs of the four horsemen>