Origins and GenCon

Will we be seeing Autarch at either Origins or GenCon?

I'll be at Gen Con for sure, likely with my will-be-eleven-year-old son, who is a pretty convention-experienced ACKS Judge in his own right. I've never done Origins and always mean to, but having had twins on 1/30 means this might not be the year either.

No Origins would be a little early. Hope to see you at Gen Con. I have got to say I love this game. Going to talk my group in to switching our current campaign over. Got a gnome cleric/thief(assassin) and a drow fighter/mage/thief but should be able to work that out with the Companion. They are bound and set on taking over a city and undermining a nearby drow kingdom. Should be fun. By the way, congatulations on the birth of your twins.