OSR-3.x-ACKs Conversion Table

Something I was having a play with. Run ACKs with THAC0 or BAB or convert BECMI/AD&D ACs into ACKs ACs if you want to convert published adventures.


I posted it at enworld as they have a sweet forum system.

I like this! Perfect for converting my 3.5E group to ACKS…

I converted my PF group to ACKs and they were kind of struggling with the attack throw system. When we played 2nd ed I converted the ACs and THAC0 to ascending numbers.

I do not see why you could not convert ACKs tuff on the fly. Add 10 to the monster ACs and attack throws for PCs into BAB recorded on the character sheet.

I keep wanting to do that, because d20 spoiled me, and then I look at a character sheet that would include that and BAB sticks out like a sore thumb, compared to saves or proficiencies or thief skills, which rustles my jimmies.

So I’m gonna make myself stay default, because redoing all the other stuff is ridiculous.

Heh you do not have to call it BAB. Attack bonus works or even attack throw +8 or whatever. The udea is to use whatever you want though and d20 players seem to be the easiest to find/convert.