Overview/Review of D@W

Overview/preview of D@W:


Nice (p)review, thanks for that

Thank you for the exceptionally kind review. Man. 

I need a bigger room, this one won't fit my head.

Wow! What a great review!
Could you post it on ENWorld? Maybe ask Morrus to put it under the official review column?


I hope it wasn’t so effusive as to fall over into fanboyism.

I’m the kid who’s third ever program was (QuickBASIC) getting a 3D array of several hundred sectors of space charted out using GURPS Space random sector generator. (It even looped back through to build nebulae and such when necessary in already generated sectors). I liken my yearly 1040 to a character sheet. My blog is full of spreadsheet. I once had gotten about a third of the way through what you guys did in the ACKS-PC for the spells in 3E.

I like deconstruction into numbers, then making those numbers move around.

Making a B/X clone isn’t a thing; making one that allows you to trace a gold piece from the mine it sourced from to where it falls out of a dead henchman’s pack in a dungeon somewhere is.

Putting a rational economic system into a game where most Great Depressions are caused by dragons turning the domain bank into their lair just gets me right in the feels, and that leaks out sometimes.

And now that I’ve said that all major dragon names will be anagrams of Wall Street banking companies from now on in any game I run.

Chajmopragsen just became the primary dragon antagonist in my campaign.