I notice that one of the great cats in the monster chapter is called “panther.” As a retired biology teacher I know that the word panther can apply to mountain lions, jaguars and leopards. That is to say that “panther” is not the name of one specific cat but a common name used for any of the three.

Mountain lions have their own entry. So my question is, are panthers leopards or jaguars?

It's not really a good representation of any particular great cat, tbh. 

It's faster than the other great cats, so in that sense it's more similar to a cheetah.

It's lighter built than the lion and tiger, but heavier than the mountain lion, so in that sense it's similar to a jaguar or a leopard.

It doesn't have a bonus to stealth, which it ought to if it's a jaguar or leopard.

Probably the panther should be split into three entires, jaguar, leopard, and cheetah.




Thanks for answering. Maybe I’ll come up with stats for all three