PbP Troupe-style Game Recruitment (Closed)

I would like to run an ACKS Troupe-style Play-by-Post game here on the site.

If you don’t know what I mean by ACKS Troupe-style Play, please see http://www.autarch.co/forums/house-rules/hr-acks-troupe-style-play

If you are interested, please respond in this thread and begin discussion with your fellow players on the nature of your troupe.

I intend to shape the campaign based on the nature of your troupe, so don’t ask me about the campaign just yet.

Rules will be ACKS core (of course), as well as classes from the Player’s Companion and most classes from my web site http://www.bythisaxe.co

Assuming interest, I am targeting beginning in January, but we might begin sooner if the troupe and characters are sorted out more quickly.

Thank you for your consideration!

I am intrigued.

The answer is, "Yes!"


That’s 2. I hope to begin with 5-8 players.

You there, step forward and speak up …

I'll throw in.

That's a neat idea. It seems like it'd enable a slightly more...organized? sort of playstyle when there's ancillary staff included as a core conciet; perhaps a more directed expeditionary style of play. I keep imagining a fantastical 1800s-style hunting lodge/club for whatever reason. Allan Quatermain sort of style.

I would be interested.

That’s 4! Enough to begin discussion on the nature of your troupe.

Merely as food for thought, from my original post:

o Sorcerers in a walled townhouse estate, with laboratory and library
o Guardians in an old watch tower
o Ruffians in a dilapidated moathouse
o Explorers in a large sailing ship
o Venturers in a merchant caravan

I suggest each player make a proposal or three, and perhaps see where your interests intersect.

Have fun with it!

Hi Charles,


What do you imagine a troupe would look like, on a day to day basis?  Are we going to switch from one character to another with different adventures, or simultaneously playing 5 different characters?  I'm definitely interested, I just don't want to bite off too big a commitment.


Personally, I'd like to do something like a Silk Road campaign, in a caravan, trading our own accounts, or maybe like the Black Company, our own mercenary band at the platoon level.

I needs me some rolls to decide this sort of thing...

Okay, so I've gone with the ACKS "roll 5 sets, keep 3" method of rolling attributes. Let me know if you want me to go with something else (e.g., just the first set).


Especially a ruffians troupe sounds good.

But I could also imagine someting along the domain game could work, like the denizens of a small keep (on the borderlands?) 


Those sound like great ideas.  I'll throw out a few more.

A circus troupe that puts on performances as a cover for larceny/espionage.

Decadent sons and daughters of aristocrats looking for adventures to relieve their boredom.

Heretics of the state religion one step ahead of the religious authorities.

Guardians of a sacred artifact trying to protect it from the many groups that want it.


This may vary depending upon your troupe selection and the need to keep the PbP moving, but …

The key point is you will manage one character “on screen” at a time. Any “entourage” characters also present will be managed as NPCs, albeit favorably disposed NPCs.

In the beginning of the campaign, there may be more structure spotlighting different elements of the entourage, but longer term you, the players, will allocate the resources of your troupe to the tasks you choose.

I hope you won’t be disappointed in my obvious softness in allowing you to use the rolling method from Dragon #39 for your primary “Adventurer” character:

“Roll 4d6 seven times. Record the sum of the three highest six-sided dice. If that sum is six or less, reroll at once. The sums must be recorded in order. The player is allowed two chances to alter the numbers as recorded. She may switch the positions of two of the numbers and she may discard one number – not necessarily the lowest one.”

You may not combine this with the ACKS core raising of a prime requisite ability or abilities by sacrificing points in other abilities.

I very much like “organic” characters, and I especially do not like frequently occurring characters with an 18 in their prime requisite.

You can use the other rolls above for your entourage characters (similarly without raising/sacrificing).

Hmm...having trouble getting the dice roller to do 4d6, drop the lowest. I'll have to test a bit...

edit: Interesting. The documentation claims this should work, but it did not.

(Sadly I’m not signing up to play, I just don’t have the brainspace for another game.)

Fixed now.


Update: when I actually type the syntax in right, it's fixed....

Trying it…
Ok, so I did 8 because you said drop 6 or less. Now I could swap the positions of any 2, and remove any 1?

Also, did I do it right… I edited the post each time to roll the next roll.


Main Character's ability scores!

Frontier style game, perhaps - either a "New World" (lost world?) sort of thing, or more Western-style, new frontier or gold rush sort of situation. As businessmen, prospectors, land-grant-holders...all of the above.