PbP Troupe-style Game Recruitment (Closed)

I have decent STR, INT and CHA.  I was thinking either an Elven Courtier or an Elven Spellsword.  The Courtier would have some overlap with your Venturer.  If you decide to go that route, I'm fine with playing a Spellsword.

I am still liking this game, but posting will definitely be light until after the 1st.  But, stats:

edit:  huh​.  Will sleep on it.


Does the 7th roll swap with a roll of your choice? Or do you drop a roll, and all the others shift up one? I'm guessing it's the former...

Are there any restricted Classes?

Actually, it’s the latter, drop and shift. Referring to the original description of the method, you can drop, shift, then swap, or swap first, then drop and shift, or just drop and shift (the swap is optional).

I hesitate to say, um, no. Not sure what you have in mind – your fellow players might be more concerned than me. As long as the class meets the rules, I’m probably good.

I’m still learning the forum die roller – is 4d6L1 the same as the 4d6.takeHighest(3) the others are using?

If you want to keep this character, that’s fine. But if you want to re-roll using 4d6.takeHighest(3), remember we are not exchanging non-Primes for Primes. Work with the rolls you receive, dropping and or swapping as mentioned above.

Breaking news: I asked and received Alex’s permission to set this PbP campaign in the Auran Empire Campaign Setting. Yay! So, you can reference the SSoS Primer and/or other information on this site to think about general character background.

Hopefully, our new PbP forum will be ready before too long. One quick rule to start with: please let me open up new threads for your use (like OOC, Character Sheets, etc.)

Getting closer …

I’m fine with the iron price though I would have voted for the gold price.

Do we get to buy an army at reduced price you mentioned, as our “household”? Maybe we can each buy a platoon or two as part of the troupe.

I was vaguely considering a Venturer, though I’m pretty flexible, and i dun no if that would be good here. Such a character might be a good military leader, though not a great melee fighter. Do other people have ideas?

I'm interested in playing if you still have an open spot.

Had problems with formatting and used the pbegames.com roller.
Will redo the character from my PC whit the roller here as I botched the whole thing anyway it seems. -_-

New Try:

Welcome! Yes, I am still accepting players.

One thing is certain: Letting people pick classes from your blog makes it difficult to decide on a class.

So many choices...


Question: How do the troupe rules work in regards to animals as henchmen and mercenaries in regards to buying levels and HD limits?

I may be answering more than you’re asking, but just to start from the beginning…

Be sure to read “Playing with Advanced Characters” on p. 253 of ACKS, as my ACKS Troupe Style Play builds upon those rules. Then, you should fill out the Adventurer, Henchman, Specialist, Mercenary and Servant roles of your troupe. You could have more than these, but the Henchman, Specialist, Mercenary and Servant receive the two loyalty bonuses toward your Adventurer.

Animal henchmen are possible through Beast Mastery (or similar), not on the open market. Use your troupe budget to “purchase” the animal (it may have been “treasure” from an encounter) and XP to advance it. (There are posts on the forum clarifying animal henchmen I can reference, if you have questions.)

I assume you could conceivably have animals in multiple roles in your troupe, although I haven’t personally thought through the possibilities.

The Company household is assumed to be physical assets. However, per “Playing with Advanced Characters” on p. 253 of ACKS that my ACKS Troupe Style Play is based upon:

Advanced characters may also begin play with specialists and mercenaries in his employ. For each specialist or mercenary, the advanced character must spend gp equal to six month’s wages for the hirelings. This represents past costs incurred in having the hireling on retainer.

Troops are generally “rented”, except for slave troops. I’m not sure a one-time discount on either of these will help you long-term away from civilization, but we can see how it plays out. You could be jumping right into needing to keep larger than usual numbers of troops fed, paid, etc.

I’ll allow you to “bank” your household if you want to delay spending it. To improve your keep later, for example (assuming you secure it.)

We have a PbP sub-forum!


Let’s reserve this recruitment thread for any remaining role call responses as well as potential new players (until we reach our limit).

Is there a HD limit for animals as henchmen?
Are prehistoric animals ok?

Not to spoil things, and not to assume Charles will be doing anything in particular for his game, but L&E will be telling you that man-sized animals can get up to 9 HD, Large to 13 HD, Huge to 17 HD.

XP for advanced animals doubles each HD/level at 3000XP for 2HD, so, fair warning, it's horrifically expensive to do so.

Ah, I was wondering more about a rule like the one for henchmen: "When they are hired, potential henchmen should be of lower level than their employer."

Does a Beast Friendship "henchmen" has to have lower HD then the "employer" has levels?


Its only 3000 XP as base for animals now? I remembered 5000 so I am pleasantly surprised! :)


Does a Beast Friendship "henchmen" has to have lower HD then the "employer" has levels?


(same disclaimer as earlier, but) Yes, they have to be lower than your own HD; same as regular henchmen. So Marc Singer from Beastmaster was at least 7th level, since he had a tiger at 6HD (base)....wonder if that actually holds up in practice, I'd have to find that movie to watch again. Not sure I've seen it since the 80s.


Would make sense and considering my character I should watch that one again as well. :D