PDF Download Problems

Has anyone else had problems buying from GameSalute? I completed my order on there but all I got was an order confirmation, no download link. Am I missing something?

Same here, waiting for an official answer.

I was contacted by GameSalute and had my PDF issue resolved. Never received the initial email from Bits & Mortar that included the download link. They were quick and professional in their response with me.

How long did they take to get back to you and was this during the week? I emailed them via the form on their website but figured I was’t going to get an answer until Monday.

Dan at Game Salute tells me that the #1 problem is that the download link is sent by email that often gets trapped in a spam filter. If you don’t see it there, in addition to the email form you can call them at 1-800-459-5516; they don’t seem to go home or sleep much over there, a lot of why we chose to work with them is their responsiveness and the excellence of their customer service.
You can also forward your order confirmation to me at tavis@autarch.co and I can resend you the download link; I’ll also cc Game Salute so they are aware of the situation. I usually respond within a day, although some folks can confirm that it is sadly possible for emails to fall through the cracks - keep bugging me if so.

Thanks for the response Tavis. I sent you an email as I’m in the UK and US 1-800 numbers don’t work from over here.

Emails sent, let me know if they reach you!

Got it! Thanks a lot.