PDF outline?

I bought the PDF from drivethrough, and was dismayed to discover it has no outline – severely restricting its usability. Outlineless PDF navigation sucks.
Oh well, it would not be the first PDF I’ve added an outline to, I thought, only to discover that I can’t even add the outline without first breaking the encryption on it. :confused: This means I’m restricted to making a bunch of bookmarks, which unlike outlines are not hierarchical.
So … any chance of having the PDF updated with an outline?

The table of contents is hyperlinked. In fact, click on anything that’s in blue font and you’ll see it’s a hyperlink.

demoss, if you have another way of doing an outline that you prefer, I’d love to see it included in a future update! Send me an email at tavis@autarch.co and I will put you in touch with the production team who could get you a contributor’s agreement and then work with you on a non-encrypted PDF.

I just wanted to give this a bump. I was quite dismayed to find that the PDF had no outline. The hyper-linked table of contents is great, and a classy touch, and I didn’t even know what a PDF outline was until I got a tablet, but I find that navigating a PDF on a tablet without an outline is cumbersome and painful.

So, +1 request for the PDF outline.

Just to be clear: By outline do you mean the “Bookmarks” with the content structure tree?

Yeah, not having a tablet, I'm not sure what an outline in a PDF is either. Do you mean bookmarks as Greengoat says? That would make sense and we should definitely include one goign forward.


Yes, I suspect that I mean a bookmark-tree. My tablet calls it an outline (as in “ERROR: NO OUTLINE” when I hit the button), but Acrobat Reader seems to refer to it as “Bookmarks”. Even without a tablet, the bookmark-tree is the way to go.


Ok, we'll try to implement that in our next edition of the PDF. Thanks Ludanto!

This would be great. I am not sure about other PDF apps but Preveiw (default on OS X) and iBooks and GoodReader (popular iPad PDF readers) support this feature.