Phorming a Phalanx

Can you join two differently armored units into a Phalanx? The rules state “identically equipped with spears or polearms”, with no mention of armor.

If possible, would the AC be inbetween the two merging units? So Heavy Inf. E and Light Inf. C (both spear and shield) would average to AC 4? (betwixt 6 and 2).

Purely from a versimilitude perspective, real phalanxes were probably a mixture anyway, with the best-equipped in the front ranks and flank files, and the guys who couldn’t afford any armour at the back.

You can mix armor types, but not weapon types. As Kiero said, you often had heavily-armored guys up front and lightly-armored guys in the back.


Gotcha. Does that do anything for the AC of the phalanx?

Take the highest value and hand-wave the rest?

I could see going ahead and taking the highest AC value, then once the unit’s half gone, the morale checks will cover the fact the front (well armored) line is gone.

You should average the ACs, on the assumption that once fighting begins it'll get mixed up. Also the AC will be used against missiles, which certainly can hit the rear ranks. 


This has been fixed in the draft. Thanks for noticing the lack of clarity.