Plague effects on domains?

How using the domain model within ACKS would you model the aftermath of a plague. I am envisaging 33% to 50% loss of life and wondered what would be the recommended method of altering the domains to achieve the goal required?

I envisaged lowering the population per domain, which will lower the urban population accordingly. This would shrink urban cities and force trade routes to recalculate and possibly cut off some domains.

Is there anything else you can think of that could be factored in?

The ritual spell Plague in the Player's Companion has rules for a magical plague. Below I've adjusted these rules to reflect a non-magical plague.


An outbreak initially targets one 6-mile hex. Each month, it affects an additional 6-mile hex adjacent to those already affected. Each hex targeted by outbreak loses 1 die of families for every 100 families each month. If any die is its  natural maximum, roll it again, with the new result added to the total (repeating the process if a subsequent maximum is rolled). The type of die rolled, and the number of months the outbreak will last in each hex, is determined by the type of disease.

Plague: 1d20; 1d2 months
Putrid Fever: 1d10; 1d4 months
Spotted Pox: 1d8; 1d6 months 
Bilious Fever: 1d6; 1d8 months
Ague: 1d4; 1d2 months
Bloody Flux: 1d3; 1d2 months

An outbreak can devastate a domain’s morale as well as its population. Any time that a domain affected by outbreak must make a morale roll, its morale score is reduced by 1 point prior to making the roll.



Well. Neat. This will surely come in handy.