Play By Post Forum


There is now a Play By Post section, and a forum specifically for ACKS games to be played by…post.

This utilizes a module for dice rolling - when you make a forum post now, you’ll see a Roll Dice dropdown, which includes a little help page.

It’s relatively simple to use, and is tamper resistant. You cannot see your results before posting, and utilizing “Preview” will keep your dice rolling entries. Dice are not rolled until the post is saved.

I have not actually played by post myself, so if there are other features commonly accepted in such circles, please suggest them. Their implementation depends on existing forum code that can be utilized or a coding wizard on this forum to implement.

Is it possible to get multiple threads for a single game?

I don’t see why not? That forum is a ‘regular’ forum, so there’s no special rules attached - if you need to start multiple threads, it’s certainly possible.

Given the size of the community, I’d be more than happy to see if I can make sub-sub-forums for any given game, so every game has it’s own ‘folder’ of threads.

…and it looks like that works. See:

which is a subforum of this forum.

Some pbp boards have a single fora for pbp gaming, which contains all of the games being played. Games played this way are typically divided into two threads: OOC (Out of Character) and IC (In Character). Examples of these forums would be and

Other boards create a subforum for each game, which contains a multitude of threads. In addition to the standard OOC and IC threads, there are threads for posting character sheets, campaign notes, XP awards, house rules, etc. Examples of these forums would be Unseen Servant and Dragonsfoot.

Incidentally, is it possible to subscribe to threads on the autarch forum, or sign up for email notifications when a new post is made?

Organizationally, what I could do is create a sub-forum for any given game (we’ve got a small community, so I don’t think this is outlandish to manage).

I expect that the Judge for the game will organize things however he or she sees fit, and (again, due to the excellence of our community) not a lot of policing or permissions enforcing should be needed.

Subscribing to either threads or entire forums seems possible, and I’ll put it on my list of things-to-do.

If you can do instant email notification of new posts, I think I would be interested in running a game here.

Cool, ill love to play an ACKS playbypost

OK, so the main post of any given thread now has a ‘subscribe’ box attached, to which you can click to subscribe.

Testing myself with this post.

Testing again…

At the moment, the subscription mail runs on the hour, with the rest of the “system” tasks.

We can reduce that, most likely, but due to other concerns I’m not going to make it completely instant. What is the minimum that’s not instant you feel is workable for you?

And, despite my roll, it did work.

Does it run every hour, on the hour, or one hour after a post is made?

It would be nice to get it down to, say, within 15 minutes of a post being made.

I guess I should make sure I have a game where people post multiple times a day before I really get worked up about it.

Per hour, regardless of post creation. 15 minutes is probably doable.