(Players Companion) Different (misprinted?) cover

I ordered a copy of the Players Companion from Amazon, and when it arrived today I was immediately struck by the cover. It is different from my the front cover of my PDF. The picture is smaller, taking up less space of the cover, leaving more black space around the edges and above the ‘Written by Alexander Macris’ text. And the edges of the picture are simply squared off, without the attractive ‘fade’ effect that my PDF copy (and indeed other physical copies I’ve seen!) have.

I’m wondering why this might be? Have I been sent a misprint? Or is this a case of a print on demand perhaps masquerading as a retail copy? Or is this just how the 2nd printing looks perhaps? It’s not a huge deal, just a bit underwhelming compared to my lovely core rulebook!

Having looked closer at the copy it is definitely a misprint - the title down the spine is incomplete, reading ‘Adventurer Conquero’ only! Sending that copy back to Amazon - UK buyers be aware, this came directly from one of Amazons warehouses.

Oh no! Thanks for letting us know. There must be an issue in our print on demand file.

We checked and there was no error in the file. I assume it was a printing error. Do you want us to send you a new book? If so, contact us at support@autarch.co and we’ll help you get this problem resolved.

I just received a misprint of the PC from Amazon Canada. Same spine misprint but also about 30 pages of Nikola Tesla’s “The problem of increasing human energy” is included at the beginning. Consequently the book is overstuffed and does not close properly.

Wow. Could you please send us an email with screenshots to support@autarch.co? We’ll handle this.

Maybe Amazon Canada is just trying to tell you something

Will do. And thanks for the quick response.

Damn moose got into the printer control booth again.