Player's Companion Kickstarter Will Begin Soon

ACKS has officially gone into commercial release today, as we are up on DriveThruRPG.
Meanwhile, it’s time to unveil the cover for our Player’s Companion. This beautiful piece of art was created by Michael C. Hayes and we are very excited to have it grace the cover of our first supplement!
The Player’s Companion will be an amazing supplement to everyone who’s enjoyed ACKS during its playtest run and I hope we’ll have a successful Kickstarter.
EDIT: Based on feedback, we updated the cover. See the link below:

I really dig the art. Good stuff.

Yes, great cover

Very nice artwork, though I’m not sure if you should use the acronym “ACKS” rather than the full name of the game (perhaps in a smaller type size above “Player’s Companion”). At any rate, I’m looking forward to backing it.

Beautiful work on the cover art. Does it have a special meaning?

Beautiful cover, although I agree with blizack. I’d use the whole name of the game.

Thirded… The whole name is more professional. To my knowledge, none of the D&D versions have ever just used ‘D&D’ on their covers, it’s always been Dungeons & Dragons in some form. The big name is part of your brand identity :slight_smile:
It’s a beautiful piece of art though!

Guys, I appreciate the feedback on the title. It was something I was wrestling with. We’ll change the title accordingly.

Awesome cover!!! Wow!

Based on your feedback, we updated the cover. Here’s the revised cover:

Perfect. Looks great!


Great cover and I agree fully with using “Adventurer, Conqueror, King” as part of your brand identity. Those who claim it’s a mouthful will simply be keeping it in people’s minds. “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

I just noticed that all three Patron Deity rewards are spoken for! (Also very close to the second bonus goal.)
Any teasers on the requested classes yet? Are all three going to be Halflings? :stuck_out_tongue:

Any chance of an art preview on the Kickstarter to help push it to the second bonus ?

i thought all the half-lings where eaten by griffons. but seriously looking forward to seeing the art.