Player's Companion Playtest v4 is Now Available!

As always, you can find it on the Kickstarter site.
In this latest draft, we are pleased to share with you SIX new classes, designed hand-in-hand with our generous Patron Deities. You are getting the Dwarven Fury; the Elven Courtier; the Gnomish Trickster; the Thrassian Gladiator; the Witch; and the Zaharan Ruinguard.
Version 4 includes two MORE races: Gnomes, a half-dwarven half-elven race of little people with plenty of tricks up their sleeves; and Thrassians, the last descendants of the ancient reptilian race which once ruled the region.
As a surprise reward, we also included Colin Chapman’s Anti-Paladin, and a short section on the cost of building traps for your character’s hideouts and strongholds.
The next draft we sent out will have all the new spells and spell creation guidelines you unlocked by hitting Bonus Goal #3. Stay tuned, and thanks again!

Holy crap, Dwarven Fury looks awesome… then again, it’s basically the character I’m playing in an ongoing 3.5 campaign…

Awesome, awesome stuff!
Out of curiosity, I didn’t notice the Dwarven Fury’s Flesh Rune power in the list of custom powers. How many options would something like that cost (3)?

I haven’t yet updated all the custom powers to reflect the new additions. But yes, Flesh Rune is 3 custom powers and Fighting Fury (which is a superior berserkergang) is 2 custom powers.

Quick couple bits of errata:
In “How to Use This Book” it says there are 15 new classes (there are actually 17), and misses the anti-paladin and priestess from its list.
On page 3 it again says there are 15 new classes and misses the priestess, so it needs changing there too.

Some more errata - Elven Rangers Careful Aim is not listed in the Custom Powers.

“Foe Eater” (from teh Dwarven Fury) just might be my favorite Template ever.
Damn… that Ruinguard. Now I don’t know whether to make the big bad in my campaign an Anti-Paladin or a Ruinguard. Ooh! I’ll just team up one of each as a diabolic duo!
I’ll be sure to send my angry players your way!

Sound choices for the new races/classes/templates - I especially like the Elven Courtier and Gnomish Trickster, they’d be fun to play.
More art previews please !

I had fun with a few of the templates. The Fury’s “Foe Eater” and the Elven Courtier’s “Socialite” both made me giggle.

Oh wow, I missed the socialite! Love the little dog familiar.
Quite reminds me of…