Players Companion Status

My apologies if I missed this somewhere. I’m a little behind on my RPG forum reading these last few months. I noticed the blog says that Players Companion should be coming in September. Did it get delayed again or did I just miss it somehow? Thanks!

It's been delayed to create an index, table of contents, and internal hyperlinks which has been taking longer than expected. An updated version that is formatted for nice on-screen viewing is now available in the Player's Companion area of the downloads section; that'll be the basis of the final one once the table of contents and hyperlinking is complete.

UPDATE: Some math is being fixed in that version, don't go looking for it yet!

What download section is this? All I see is “Tools”, “Maps” and “Supplemental Rules”.

Also, I found out about the PC Kickstarter just after it finished so I got in with the donate button via paypal. Will I still be authorized to download the PDF?

The last download link I got for the PC was on July 7. And it no longer works.

It's at If that link doesn't work for you (access denied), it is likely because we haven't set up your account to reflect that you were a Player's Companion backer or pre-order. mbeacom I just set up yours - other folks should email us at Be sure to include your username at the Autarch site, that's what we need to adjust your access.

Holy crap it looks amazing! Great job folks. Can’t wait to get my hands on the hardcopy!

Hmm… My name appears to be missing from the backers list. Or perhaps just my surname - there’s a ‘James’ on the Conquerors backer level which might be me…

Either way, could my full name appear on the list please? James Stuart.

Mine is missing, too…

Mine is also missing (Michael Beacom), but I assumed it was because I became a backer through the paypal Donate button.

The names that appear are what appear in people's Kickstarter accounts. I'm pretty sure James is you, so we can make this change...

I’m also a paypal backer. I’ll send a PM to Alex…

At what level did you back?


I was only Adventurer, but how much do I need to send to get a hardcopy? I have decided I must have it. (my name in the book would be a bonus, but not being there wouldn’t be a deal breaker).

I think the best way to do that would be through Game Salute. Let them know that you're upgrading from the PDF-only backer level.


Presumably the names have been included from the results of the survey? I haven’t checked mine yet.

I succumbed to a hard copy of the main rules last week - I ordered from Leisure Games in the UK on Friday and received it through the post (as well as another pdf version) on Saturday morning which was excellent service.



Yes, the names from the backer survey are included in the final version which we are working on now.