Players Companion?

 Today we took a break from 5E and had a one shot ACKs session with level 4-5 PCs using a modifed B5 Horror on the Hill. On of the PCs had a Paladin but the players companion seems to neglect the rate the new classes get proficencies. We just treated them as a fighter but I am wondering how it works.


It's based on the character's saving throw progression. Paladins save like fighters, so they gain proficiencies like a fighter. 

Ok thanks. Is there a page number for that? I think I asked this a few years ago we just had a one off game today after playing 5E for a it but it seems like the players want some more. 

ACKS Core, pg. 56, Gaining Proficiencies. There's also a post around here somewhere listing the levels that the PC Classes get Proficiencies at so you don't have to figure it out...

See this Blog post, here: