As backers of our Kickstarter effort have already seen from updates there, we are running local playtests of Adventurer Conqueror King in our home cities! (The game springs from the campaigns each of us run, but those started out using other systems - mainly Basic/Expert or Original D&D - and have adopted ACKS material at their own pace. These playtests let us give new players the latest version of the ACKS rules and see what happens when we go from there.)

Tavis had his first playtest in New York City last night and is planning another Saturday 7/30; the players thereof are pushing him to make this a weekly thing. Alex will also be hosting playtests in Durham, NC. And Ryan has been planning to run a play-by-post game on the forums, as soon as we are no longer keeping him so busy he barely has time to breathe. If you’d like to get in on any of these, let us know; and if you’ll be starting a game of Adventurer Conqueror King in your own area let us know about that too so we can help you find players.

I would love to participate in the play by post.

I’m also very interested in the pbp.

Looking forward to the Gen Con playtests later this week. Sounds like great fun!

Interested in play by post as well.

I played in a roughly 5-hour demo this past Friday night at GenCon, where we played at both the Adventurer and King levels. Adding to the ongoing campaign was very cool, and "switching modes’ from Adventurer to King was seamless.

You guys should have extended the kickstarter to after GenCon. You would have gotten a nice run I bet! How can I sign up now?

We didn’t extend it through Gen Con because some of the rewards involved making a character for the Gen Con demo, but yeah in retrospect it would have been better to let people continue pledging nevertheless! We are setting up a pre-orders page that will be on the top bar where “Kickstart Us” is now.

I would be very interested in playing in a play-by-post with this system.

We’ve got enough people interested in a play-by-post to get something going (I’ve got an additional couple of friends who’ve expressed interest off the site) but, like Tavis mentioned, my current busyness is keeping me from getting started. If people are cool with waiting about a month, I think I’ll be back to a normal schedule by then. Otherwise, anyone could start a game if they so desire!

I’m thinking open sandbox, but does anyone have preferences regarding level of play? In my last PBP game the characters were low-level and we still had a lot of (slow) fun. Also, if this becomes an ongoing discussion, I’d like to move it over to the forum! I’m going to go create a dedicated PBP forum right now, so when a game does start, we’ll have a good place for it that won’t gum up the works.

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